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This page is for digging into specific topics within local investing, like Opportunity Zones, Self-Directed IRAs, and legislative changes. The links and resources found here, along with the Compliance Handout, may be the best things to send to your back office if you’re trying to get approval to talk to your clients.

We’ll do our best to keep this resource list up-to-date and growing. Feel free to contact us with specific questions or subjects you’d like to see addressed.


Currently available resources for financial advisors

Website / OrgURLFormatAccessibilityTarget AudienceContent
The Next Egg thenextegg.orgCommunity messaging board textPay wall
English only
Mostly investorsInfo about self-directed IRAs
and solo 401ks
Essential Knowledge for

$500 advisor course
English only
Advisor course
Investor course starting soon
EK4T has offered guest lectures
and facilitated community
conversations about the
economic system,
money and banking system and
the financial system
since 2012. As of 2016 EK4T also
offers investor education
through a series of daylong
workshops around the US,
designed to help individuals
align their investments with their
values. In 2017 the content of
the Align Your Investments with
Your Values workshop has been
made available as a series
of webinars.
CFP Boardcfp.netCourses/certifications$1300 - CSRIC
English only
AdvisorModule 3, Chapter 3: Community
Investing Mostly covers
intermediaries, CDFIs,
not much content at all
about direct investing
Checked all other
coursework - no other content
on Community Investing
CFA Institutecfainstitute.orgText, handbookNo pay wall
English only
Advisors, specifically CFAs and CFA CandidatesBuried within 'Alternative
Investment' guides.
Addresses real estate and
private equity holdings. Does
not specifically call out
community-based business or
real estate developments.

FREE primer: https://

Member wall:

ESG guides touch on impact
investing overall, primarily
through intermediaries

FINRAfinra.orgCE course$12.50/each
English only
AdvisorsPrivate Placements: Conducting
Reasonable Investigations for
Regulation D Offerings

EL-ELC186 | 1.0 CE Credit
This course uses case studies
adapted from FINRA
enforcement actions to
illustrate the duty to conduct
reasonable investigations
concerning Regulation D
offerings. It covers the use
of privateplacements as
a sourceof capital and
sales practice abuses that
canoccur with such securities.

Private Securities Transactions

EL-ELC241 | 0.5 CE Credits
This course covers rules and
regulations governing the
treatment of private securities
transactions, and reviews
obligations for registered
representatives. Scenarios
are presented to help
registered representatives
identify private securities
transactions and the appropriate
actions to take before engaging
in them.

Registered portals: https://
Locavestinglocavesting.comText with linksNo pay wall
English only

Links to resource sites
and calculator tools
embedded, no downloads,
videos, or interactive
ImpactAlphaimpactalpha.comArticlesPay wall
English only
Investors and advisorsHard to navigate to find
specific resources
Lots of case studies
buried within features
and articles
IRS/Opportunity pay wall
English only
Investors and advisorsQuestions and answers
prepared in response
to inquiries that have been
proposed to the IRS
to provide a basic
understanding and
awareness of
Opportunity Zones.