Raising Community Capital


As a business owner, you recognize that stimulating a local investing ecosystem has great potential benefits for both your business and your greater community.

You’d like to be part of growing this ecosystem by conducting your own community capital raise.

The Community Capital Raising Workbook is a great place to start if you’re considering raising investment capital from your community.

Originally produced for the Sustainable Economies Law Center, this workbook is intended as a tool to help businesses raise community investment capital. Raising community investment capital is challenging for many reasons, but it can be done.

This workbook will empower you to consider and guide that process and ensure that your business can achieve all its goals in the course of this fundraising effort, from growth and sustainability, to impact and inclusion.

This workbook is divided into three sections:

“About This Workbook” provides high-level background on the investment fundraising process, with a particular view towards community capital as opposed to traditional Wall Street style fundraising.

“The Workbook: Crafting Your Community Capital Raise” is a workbook of questions and prompts to help you consider and articulate your capital raising goals and opportunities.

Finally, “Additional Resources” will help you find more resources to continue your community capital raise project.

Download the Capital Raising Workbook