Steps to Educate Your Client

When you’re ready to engage with your clients to help them understand how local investing relates to them personally, follow these steps to facilitate the process.

First, identify who among your client community may be interested and ready for this type of education:

  • Accredited and/or non-accredited
  • Interest in local economic resilience
  • Have time and desire to learn about this topic
  • Have moderate to high risk tolerance, and an ability to understand the unique risks inherent in local investing

Then schedule a meeting with clients to kickstart the conversation.

  • Watch any or all of these videos with your clients individually or have a “watch party” in a small group setting.
  • Fill out the Your Ideal Deal worksheet together
  • For clients who found this exercise energizing and exciting, we suggest updating their IPS to codify their Ideal Deal and to identify where this fits in their asset allocation.
  • For clients who found this exercise overwhelming, we suggest letting them know you are keeping your door open for conversations about this topic and planning to update them periodically on where this is fitting into your practice
When you’re ready to take the next step, please check out our resources to Deepen Your Knowledge.